Excerpt From Spark

It's nearly here!

Spark will be available Monday 14th May – it’s so close now!
Pre-Order Link: https://books2read.com/spark-tb1

As promised, here is an excerpt.
Romance readers only from this point onwards. You have been warned…
(Mum, you need to stop reading now. No, seriously, stop reading. Please?
Okay, go ahead and read it if you must but we shall NEVER talk about it…)

Sparks fly between a sassy business graduate and a black belt mechanic when they join forces to save her brother’s business when his life is threatened.

“Who are you? And what are you doing here?” I blurt out.
“Uh-uh, I asked first.” He lifts an eyebrow at me and grins. “Well?”
“Listen here, Mister.” I take a step forward and poke my finger at his chest. There’s a spark. I’d never believed in love at first sight until this moment. Belatedly, I remember he’s shirtless and snatch my finger back.
It tingles from touching his smooth skin and I want nothing more than to rub myself all over him like a giant cat. What is wrong with me? I shake my head to clear it and try to remember what I was saying.
“You’re not helping, you know. Go and put a shirt on.”
His grin grows wider and he flexes his biceps skywards in the traditional bodybuilder muscle pose.
“Does this bother you?”
He does a slow turn, straightening his arms out behind his back and showcasing those shoulders and triceps.
I can’t stand show-offs but I can’t take my eyes off the man and the urge to touch him grows stronger by the second.
He comes back to face me and I might have thought he was grinning before but now he is straight out laughing at me. “Your face!”
His stomach ripples as he laughs and I can’t help myself. I reach out and put my palm on his stomach, the draw to touch him too powerful to ignore. His stomach muscles tighten beneath my fingers.
I rip my hand away so I don’t totally embarrass myself and start rubbing the hard ridges of his abs. I grip both his shoulders instead, trying to turn him around. He doesn’t budge.
“Far out, I can’t believe this! Turn around! Get a shirt on! Please, I need to talk to you and seriously I can’t concentrate with you standing there all hot and shirtless.”
I realise what I’ve said and cover my face with my hands, leaning forward so my hair creates an extra barrier between me and this gorgeous man.
Oh boy.
I need to figure out who he is and what he’s doing in my brother’s workshop.

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