Her perfect man is safe, settled, and stable… everything he’s not.  The fact that he’s her younger brothers best friend makes him totally off limits. There’s no way she’s falling for him. Is there?

He’s wild, unemployed, and broken. The last thing he needs is her. Why can’t he walk away?

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Suze has the perfect life. A great house with a view, a loving family, and she’s on the fast track career-wise. The only thing missing is the perfect relationship and a family of her own. And seeing as she’s fast approaching a milestone birthday she needs someone with long term potential. Definitely not her brothers best friend. Her younger brothers best friend. Even if their chemistry is off the charts.

Ex-military officer Sam has just gotten out of a hard situation and is in recovery mode. He’s taking things slow, reconnecting with his music, and trying to work out what comes next in his life. He’s not relationship material, and even if he was, he’d never go there with his best mates sister. Not even if his heart is telling him she’s the one.

When Suze is dragged into Tempest Beach’s shady underworld, Sam is the only one she can turn to. But will it all blow up in their faces?

With a kick-ass crew of sexy martial artists and a gorgeous beachside location, Sing is a delicious mix of adventure, mystery and mayhem, complete with a love at first sight affair.

Tempest Beach Book Two

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