Results Happen When You Stay Focused

You might not know that I’ve got another blog. It’s a business blog called Project Bloom and it’s all about the numbers side of running a business. And a fair bit of inspiration, positivity and tips for finding ‘your thing’. It’s evolved over time…
For the last six months I’ve put Project Bloom on the back burner so I could focus on the one thing I wanted to do most of all, writing my book…And it paid off this week when I typed “the end”.
I share more in the video.
But the take away is, if you want something, and you take small steps towards it every day, and you don’t give up… you’ll get there. And you’ll get there even quicker if you can put everything else aside and focus on that one thing.
Obviously family and work come first. But once you’ve found your thing you’ve got to do your thing!
There’s still some work to do before this book – Spark – gets released into the wild, but it was such fun to write and I can’t wait to let you read it!
It’s set in the same world as ‘High Tide’ and in fact, Lilly makes a guest appearance.

And in the meantime you can read the short story ‘High Tide’ for free.

Here’s my two minutes…

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