#RWAus17 #LoveGoneWild

Love Gone Wild, the 26th Annual Romance Writers of Australia Conference held at the Pullman King George Square Hotel in Brisbane from August 11-13th, 2017.

It’s 5am the morning after the RWA (Romance Writers of Australia) conference and I’ve woken up early, my mind still buzzing.
What a great weekend!
I caught up with my writing bff, Louise Guy.
I’ve made new writing friends – Dayley and Jayne and Jo and so many other too brief connections – Madeleine in the elevator right at the end, Robyn at dinner Saturday night, Sarah and Chris and Deb and so many others during cocktails and lunch and the breaks, the other ladies in the lift when we were all crammed in together and really got to know each other 😃 (no names were exchanged, but we all felt the connection lol).
I’ve rubbed shoulders with writing royalty – Juliet Madison, Tricia Stringer, Jennifer St George, Amy Andrews. Spent time with my wonderful mentor Annie Seaton (also writing royalty). And caught up with the lovely Fiona McArthur who lives in the same neck of the woods as me.
Listened to keynotes speakers Marion Lennox and Kate Forsyth – what a story each of them have, truly inspirational.
Attended session after session. And there were so so many I didn’t get to that I wanted to. Truth – I wanted to do to them all. Seriously.
Discussion panels, industry experts, and the experienced authors, publishers and agents who gave so freely of their time.
The highlight for me, though, apart from all the conversations with old friends and new, was the opportunity to sit at a round table with Indie (independent) publishing success story and super nice Clare Connelly. Our round table extremely lucky to also have Jennifer St George, one of my favourite authors to read and Byron Bay Writers Festival Chair last year.
Oh, and I pitched my completed book to three publishers and got three requests for my full manuscript. Three for three. So excited.
Thankyou to the tireless organising committee and all the Volunteers. Superb job.
And the sponsors of course – Harlequin, Hachette, Penguin Random House, Brother, the Cartridge family, Queensland Writers Centre and of course the wonderful Pullman Hotel.
Events like this are so important for writers, it’s a solitary occupation and most are juggling paid jobs as well as writing, family, and all the usual ‘life’ moments.
This was an amazing experience and I can’t wait until the next one. Rock on Sydney 2018!
PS I skipped out on the accounting conference I was meant to be at to go to this – best idea ever!

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